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Halloween Advent Calendars

Last night I got together with Jami, Shelleece, Missy, Beth and my mom to make the CUTEST EVER mini muffin tin advent calendars!

You make squares with magnets on the back to cover each cup in a muffin tin, then you can put a treat in the cups for your little goblins to find.  

We did some of our squares the same, but we all also just went with the creative flow and made unique squares.

Here are Jami's squares

Here are Shelleece's

Here are Missy's

Here are Beth's (helped by my mom.  Thanks mom!)

And here is my advent calendar

Then (of course) my little guy needed to get in on it.  We decided to make these Halloween counting magnets.

One Frankie, two spiders, three ghosts, four punkins, five clouds over the moon, and six bats equal one fun Halloween!