Join the Fun!

So, you've been wanting to Join Stampin' Up! for a while now, I know.

But, even though the $175 got you almost $400 worth of product, its still $175. 
And you don't really want some of the things that come in the Starter Kit, right?
I know what its like.  I'm one of those who held out on joining the fun because of the cost.

Well, starting today you can become a 
Stampin' Up! Demonstrator for only $99!

And you get to choose all of the products that come in your Starter Kit!
Your choice of up to $125 worth of any current Stampin' Up! products!
It's 100% customized by you!

Even if you're not really looking to be a demonstrator,  
and just want to get some goodies, 
you get $125 worth of Stampin' Up! products for $99!

I really look forward to sharing the Fun of Stampin' Up! with you!