My Clubs

What are these clubs, and how do they work??

**Each club is a group of 10-12 people who commit to place a $15 order (before tax & shipping) each month until each person has a turn hosting.
(10 members means a 10 month club, 12 members means a 12 month club.)

**We meet once a month and create a few cards, scrapbook pages or projects, browse samples & talk lots … and eat treats, of course. (there is no charge for these projects!)

**Guaranteed girl’s (or guy’s!) night, once a month,
plus an excuse to buy a small something for yourself!

**Each club member will earn hostess benefits. You are guaranteed a minimum of $25 in free catalog merchandise during your month, which can be used to get exclusive merchandise just for hostesses!

**You will receive a free Idea Book & Catalog ($10 value) when you join the club and free seasonal mini catalogs!

**Any night you can’t make it to a party, you just get me your monthly order by the evening of the party, and I will hold your supplies for you from what we made that night.  I can even mail the supplies for the club's project(s) to you if you want to join a club but live far away.

**Friends are always welcome to “visit” a party! S/he just pays $5 (this is waived if s/he places an order), and please give me plenty of notice to notify our hostess and prepare extra supplies.

How to sign up:

1) Email me if you’d like to join a card club!

2) Get a friend to join & YOU BOTH receive a free classic stamp pad of your color choice!!

3) Get ready to have fun! Its a GREAT time!